The Technologist


This sturdy cushion-cover is handmade from thrifted black, grey, and blue denim, and closes with a brightly coloured zipper. Since we work with thrifted denim, we always work with what is on hand. You therefore order ‘a’ thrifted denim cushion-cover, in the style of the one depicted above.

Suitable for cushions of 40 by 40 cm. If you want a cushion-cover with different dimensions, please let me know. You can also add your personal preferences regarding the colour of your zipper and denim, and we will try to comply with your wishes. Occasionally, we have other colours of denim available as well, so don’t hesitate to include any non-standard colours.
The extra pocket to store your phone or remote is optional; choose from the drop-down menu.



If you’ve got a denim garment at home which you would like to be turned into a cushion-cover or other accessory, please send me a message through the contact form.

Thrifted denim pouches available in the Bags section.


Item made upon request; current production time is one week.

Filling not included.