Acie's Cabinet


Welcome to Acie’s Cabinet...

... a treasury filled with accessories for him, her and home.

... For those who seek, and those who find...


Here you can find bow ties, collars, cushions, decorative teddies and much more.

Every piece is handmade, and therefore unique. Take a look around…

Have a nice quest :-) !


What’s Acie’s Cabinet all about?

  • One of a kind
    All items are handcrafted, so no mass production! Every piece is unique.


  • Handmade with love
    A lot of care goes into making every single item.


  • Slow fashion
    No hasty work here! Everything is made with attention to detail.


  • Eco‚Ä®
    I get my materials from local shops and fairs as much as possible, as well as from factory sales.
    Items are packed in upcycled boxes.


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