The Book Manager


Would you prefer a Dutch postcard, or an English one?

Meet the Book Manager, the perfect companion for any bookworm! These handcrafted bookmarks are looking forward to travel along with you through the Literary World…


This gift set includes a leather bookmark (the Book Manager) and a postcard for you to send to another story-addict ;)
There are two postcards available (one English and one Dutch), and two types of Book Managers (a cat or a bird) in different kinds of leather.


You can very easily slide the bookmark onto the corner of one or more pages of your current read, and they can be used both on the lower and upper corners of books.


All Book Managers are made from leftover scraps of leather from a shoe-making factory, so besides being cute they’re also advocates of a zero waste mindset!

Size (approximately):
Height (ears to chin): 6 cm
Width: 6 cm


Height (beak to neck): 6 cm
Width: 5 cm


The eyes are rust-proof rivets.
The silver-coloured ones are shiny, the dark ones matte.


More variations available on Etsy: