The Comforter - Plum Pudding


This hand-knitted cuff was made using 100% linen yarn, that is very soft to the touch.
This yarn consists of 85% recycled linen (viscose) and 15% premium natural linen.


Mind that this item isn’t a pair; you will only receive the one cuff, as it’s an alternative bracelet.


The button has a diameter of 20 mm.

As this cuff is knitted, it stretches so that one size fits all.


Size (not stretched):
16,5 x 12 cm


Hand wash or dry cleaner’s.
Do not put this item in the washing machine!
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.

After cleaning, the item should dry on a flat surface.
If you wish to iron it, do so on a very low temperature.

Did you know…
Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant. This plant does not attract a lot of harmful insects, which means farmers don’t have to use pesticides to protect their harvest. Flax needs very little water and produces a lot of fibres. Therefore linen is a more ecological alternative to, for example, cotton.


The gothic coffin nail ring that is visible in some pictures was made by Lufolk: