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Handmade cape/top

This combi-item is ready to accompany you on your adventures, and be your best friend on many an occasion!
It’s handmade and therefore perfectly unique.


The fabric that was used is an interlock cotton (jersey). It’s black on one side, red on the other.


The front pieces end in pockets; 1 pocket on the left-hand side, 2 pockets on the right-hand side. The pockets are 14 cm (5 1/2 in) high.

The back hem is constructed of 3 horizontal pleats. Total hem height: 4,5 cm (1 3/4 in)


No lining fabric was added, the item is finished with overlock stitching.


  • Front length (from horizontal seam to front hem): 56 cm - 22 in
  • Front width (from center front line to side seam): 22 cm - 8 5/8 in (= per piece)
  • Back length (from horizontal seam to back hem): 56 cm - 22 in
  • Back width: 46 cm - 18 1/8 in